Franca Young

Hi Everyone,

Many of you know me, but for the people that don’t, my name is Franca; a wife, mother and fitness enthusiast.

My husband and I are previously from Calgary but have resided in Carstairs since 2014. We have been married for 8 years and have 2 amazing children together.  In our spare time we go camping, play sports and stay active as much as we can.  We still believe that an ice cream or a once a week treat and a movie are a necessity to unwind from everything while we relax. 

I wanted to become a Fitness Instructor to provide busy parents with the tools and instructions to achieve their fitness goals and live their most confident lives.  I struggled with extremely low self-esteem, which lead me to lift other people up so they can tap into their amazing potential through exercising and intuitive eating.

 I got in to health and fitness in 2017, when my weight was at my highest after having my 2nd child, I was 206lbs. By changing my eating habits, running and being active within the local Carstairs Jazzercise program, I lost a total of 80lbs. 

Since then I joined Fit Chicks Academy in 2019 and completed a 6 month training program to become certified in Fitness and Nutrition. I have been personally training friends in my own home with individual workout programs to fit their health and fitness requirements, along with teaching an Adult Boot Camp outside of my home in various locations throughout Carstairs.

Let’s get to know one another through fitness and exercise!

from $50.00/session (please contact the gym for more info)

Come train with me!

Whether you’re having a hard time staying motivated, you’re training for a marathon, or you want to build muscle, personal training can benefit you. Each workout is 60 minutes and is tailored to your specific fitness goals. I specialize in postpartum weight loss, muscle building, body building and overall body composition.

You can train 1 day a week or 2 days a week; whatever fits your schedule! You will get quality one on one time in the small community Uptown Gym, while not being distracted by other gym goers.

Group training sessions are available if you’d like to train with a friend (or two)!


Contact! Phone 403-701-5330