Group Fitness Class Schedule


Learn what each piece of equipment does, how to adjust it to your body and receive a very basic workout plan that you can do on your own in the gym. Learn and gain some confidence on the equipment! Registration only, phone 403-994-0606 OR email now to secure your spot. Don’t hesitate, spots are limited and filling fast! You must have or get a gym membership to register. Cost in addition to membership $30.


All Group Fitness Classes are special registration with the Instructor of the class. Gym memberships sold separately. See below for class description and Instructor contact details for how to register! 


Thanks for checking out our Group Fitness classes! There are a few instructors below, read on to find your perfect fit!

Amber Nielson -


Best Body Strength, Cardio and Core- Monday, Wednesday and Friday 830-930am

Gentle Fitness- Monday, Wednesday and Friday 945-1045am  

Amber and her family have lived in Carstairs for the past eleven years. Fitness has always been an important part of her life; playing sports, running, and enjoying the outdoors.  She is a strong believer that being active is one of the best medicines for our overall well being. As a certified fitness instructor her goal is to provide a safe, comfortable environment where you can exercise at your own pace. She has been teaching group exercise classes since 2015, and her specialty is group fitness and Older Adult low impact classes.   Regardless of age or ability she believes everyone can experience positive changes in their lives by incorporating daily physical activity.
Shes looking forward to offering classes at Uptown Gym beginning September, 2018. Listed below is a detailed description of her classes.

Best Body Strength, Cardio and Core:  Get a complete workout with this unique cardio and strength class, a combination of aerobic training and a full body resistance workout.  Use long and short intervals to increase cardiovascular endurance, a variety of equipment to improve muscular strength, and various stabilization and strengthening exercises to build a solid core. A great workout for all fitness levels! Progression occurs as your fitness level improves.  Classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30am. First class is FREE, 10 pass is $85, Drop in $9

Balance and Strength:  An easy to follow, low intensity Fitness class designed to help improve balance, strength, core and flexibility.  This class is particularly suited for older adults and anyone recovering from surgery, and injury, or just feeling a need to increase balance and strength. Classes run Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am.  First class is FREE, 10 pass $60, Drop in $8. 

For more information please contact Amber at 403-796-2900 or  Facebook page: beactiveandhealthycarstairs


Jeniene Remillard- 

Yoga- Monday & Wednesday 415-515pm and Tuesday & Thursday 830-930am and NEW Chair Yoga Tuesday 945-1045am. 

She Loves to share what she has learned and continues to learn! She hopes to help you achieve the balance and fluidity in your body through a mindful ever changing practice as you sit together!

She has practiced yoga for over 11yrs and has been an instructor for 6yrs.

She has training in Hatha( basis of all yoga), Vinyasa flow, Restorative, Yin, Aerial, and Meditation. She has weekend and workshop dabbles in Yoga with ropes, Forrest yoga (w/Ana Forrest), Ashtanga yoga (w/Kino macgregor), and Yoga Nidra.

She also facilitates drum making workshops (Native American) and host drum journey circles!

She facilitates far infrared therapy sessions as well (like a heated massage facilitated using Chinese medicine meridians) 

..inquire with her if your curious!..

She also enjoys trying and participating in many different types of classes and cycling and weights! She Loves to see what’s new and fun!

These yoga classes will consist of a mindful which ever way the wind blows us that day!

She will infuse all of her teachings into classes, breaking poses down when called for, a yin when called for, a yang(vinyasa), maybe both! 

Props are used often, please bring a mat and come to discover and unwind!


Jeniene's Sign up Prices

Unlimited yoga 12 weeks ($230) ($5/class!)

2 classes /wk ($216) 

1 class /wk ($150)

Single pass ($15)


Childcare is available! Please inquire with Uptown Gym!


Please contact Jeniene @

For more info or to sign up! 


From her soul to yours

She hopes to meet you on the mat!



Jessica Schielke-

Originally from Carstairs I have a huge place in my heart for this little town and all the people in it! I genuinely care about you and your health and I want to help you achieve your health goals by being your motivator in class! I grew up playing school sports, after graduating I attended some university and college level courses for Personal Training. Most recent I am a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certificate Association where I specialized in Portable Equipment and Choreography, as well as a certified PiYo Instructor, having taken my training in Nashville directly with some of the co-creators of PiYo Live. As the owner of Uptown Gym I am excited to bring you my classes as well as offer a variety of other great classes during various times throughout the day. Health and fitness is my passion and I am so grateful that I get to share that love with all of you.  

To Register in PiYo and/or Pumpit call or text 403-575-1041 or find me on facebook and send me a message

PiYo- Monday and Wednesday 7-8pm    Full body cardio, strength and flexibility workout. Who says you have to jump, grunt, strain, and punish your body to get amazing results from your workout? Not with PiYo…PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. I crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined. PiYo isn't like standard Pilates and yoga classes that make you hold long, intense poses, or lead you through dozens of repetitive, microscopic core movements. PiYo speeds everything up—including your results—by introducing you to dynamic, flowing sequences that can burn serious calories at the same time as they lengthen and tone your muscles and increase your flexibility. With every action-packed PiYo session, you can burn excess fat and sculpt and define your whole body, as you minimize the aches and pains that can come along with high-impact workouts. No matter your age, no matter your body type, PiYo will help give you dramatically visible, incredibly beautiful results.

PumpIt!- Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm   Full body strength workout with dumbells and using your own body weight. Lifting in this class you’ll tone and shape your entire body, without adding bulky muscles. This full body dumbbell workout will burn calories, shape and tone your entire body, increase core strength and improve bone health. I've created this workout because I just love strength training. We will be lifting to the music to make this class energetic and FUN!     

To Register in PiYo and/or Pumpit call or text 403-575-1041 or find me on facebook and send me a message


$80 for 1 MONTH UNLIMITED (works out to $5/class if you attend all four classes per week!)


Punch Pass 6 for $80 (works out to about $13/class expires in two months)


Try a Drop In! $15


Jules Rainforth- 

Jules is both an AFLCA (Choreography and Portable equipment) and TRX Certified Group Fitness Instructor.  She has been teaching group fitness classes for 20 years at a number of well recognized facilities including: Spa Lady, Wintergreen Ski Resort, Big Bear Fitness Center, Full of Beans Fitness and (the last 13 years) Genesis Place in Airdrie.  Jules brings with her a wealth of knowledge in fitness and makes a point of keeping up with the changes and pace of the industry. She loves TRX, Stability Ball, Muscle Conditioning classes and especially Step! She is fun, outgoing, approachable and energetic. She has a passion for people and it shows when she teaches! If you have any questions pertaining to any of her classes, feel free to contact her at Jules Strength and Conditioning Thursday 9:45-10:45am  This class will incorporate a variety of equipment – Weights, Stability Ball, the Step and even your own body to bring you a unique workout that will never be the same twice! This non- cardio class is designed to tone and build muscle which – by the way – burns calories longer then does straight cardio.  Your muscles actually tone, build and burn calories long after your workout is done!! This class is a great way to gain confidence and feel more comfortable with workout equipment you find in the gym. Its also an opportunity learn new and fun ways to incorporate various exercises and equipment and make some new friends!   All 8 for $80 plus gst or drop in $13/class *note there are only 10 spots available  

Jules Saturday Intense Interval Training! Saturday 9:30-10:30am This ain't no dance class! Come on out Saturday mornings and join us for an all round class that will  have you increasing your cardio capabilities AND toning muscles! Intervals involve high intensity anaerobic exercise interspersed with periods of rest , or in this case Muscle Conditioning! Its a great way to start off your weekend right, get your sweat on and have some fun!   Register for 6 or more $10 per class paid upfront plus gst ($60+) or Drop in for $13/class *note there are only 10 spots available   Book with Jules both Thursday & Saturday Classes and receive one class free! Contact Jules Rainforth at or call 403-471-6812 to register. 


Craig Walker -

Craig Walker lives in the rural area of Carstairs, Alberta with his wife and two children. He operates a welding business servicing the local petroleum and agriculture industries. 

Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong) and several other “energy arts” came into his awareness roughly three years ago when he was searching for alternative methods of healing a past injury sustained during his time as a bullfighter on the CPRA and PBR circuits in Canada. 

He recently has became certified in Clinical Qigong and is excited to bring it to our community.  In addition to Qigong he is a Reiki Master, Access Bars practitioner, has level 1 Reconnective healing, and EFT ( emotional freedom technique).   Regular scheduled Qigong classes will begin in the fall. Qigong is an ancient Chinese holistic system of coordinated body posture movement, breathing, and meditation to promote health and vitality. Related to tai chi.

There are currently no classes at this time. Contact him to inquire for the next session Craig 403-993-7422 or

Attire: Loose comfortable clothing.
No yoga mat required.
Fitness level: Any
Age level: All
There is a saying in Qigong. “ Practicing Qigong is so simple and powerful. You can not do it wrong, only good, better and best.”