Personal Training


It’s never to early or to late to start training to be the healthiest you. Training in the gym and with a trainer is not all about muscles, being skinny or how you look at all. It’s about how you FEEL. The longevity and confidence that you get in life from it is what is most important. The aesthetics come with time, and are a great perk as a result of your healthy lifestyle. My name is Jessica and I brought Uptown Gym to Carstairs because I am obsessed with fitness. I love the way it makes me feel, and I want to share that feeling with everyBODY. You do not need to be an experienced ‘gym goer’ to start at Uptown, or any gym for that matter. What I want for Uptown is people to feel comfortable, and at home, while they work on their health. If you’re needing that extra boost to get in the gym and get started, or are wanting to rehabilitate from an injury or illness, or are looking to take your fitness to the next level, or train for an event it is important to remember anybody can be a health advocate, and be ‘googled’ up on the latest lifting/nutrition craze BUT a Certified Personal Trainer who has that extra education will have more knowledge and tools to help you.

Uptown Gym is very excited to have Franca Young offer personal training in the gym. She has made health and fitness a lifestyle in her and her families life, making sure to stay active and eat healthy with her husband and two children. She wants to share her passion with others to provide the tools and instructions to achieve their own fitness goals and live confidently. In 2017 her weight was at her highest after their second child and she became determined to get healthy by changing her eating habits, running and being active within the local Jazzercize program, where she lost a total of 80lbs.

She is a now certified in Fitness and Nutrition through Fit Chicks Academy and has been training clients in her own home with individual workout programs to fit their health and fitness requirements, as well as teaching Adult Boot Camp in the park. People love her enthusiasm and her commitment to her own health and fitness is contagious!

She is looking forward to hearing from you, wants to get to know you and help you with your health goals! Whether you’re having a hard time staying motivated, you’re training for a marathon, or you want to build muscle or lose weight Franca Young is the trainer that will surely make a difference in your life!