How to RENEW your Membership

Instructions for previous or existing non contract members; (ie you pay online or etransfer or cash, including one/three/six/twelve month)


You can renew your membership by paying online with credit card HERE or send an etransfer. If you would like to etransfer, please email for a total price including gst (or be sure to add 5% gst on the total amount of the membership length you would like to purchase) If you have been away from the gym for a while (let your membership expire) then you will receive an email once you’ve paid asking you to update your device id for your access, please watch for this email and respond so that your access works! When I have updated your access you will receive an email confirming your access has been renewed and when the new membership expiry date is. 

Remember to save the new expiry date of your membership in your calendar as a reminder should you want to renew as I do not send out reminder emails that your membership is ending!

Please!! if you have let your membership expire you will need to pay during regular business phone hours  Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 10am-3pm to ensure your access is working that evening or the next morning. You will receive a confirmation email with your new expiry once your payment has been applied. If you pay after hours your access may not be activated until noon the next day. If you pay in the morning and want to come to the gym that morning, I teach classes in the morning and may not have applied your payment to your access so you can try calling if it is during the hours above- or to avoid this simply pay before your expiry OR during business hours the day before you want to go to the gym and send me an email not to activate until the next day. Calling after hours when you've paid late (after hours above) is not acceptable. To avoid these gaps in your access - consider setting up with the NEW CONTRACTS. Email me for more information. It will save you MONEY and save you having to wait for access.   

Contact us by phone 1-403-994-0606 or email

If you have a friend or family to sign up please get a hold of me so we can arrange an appointment to do the waiver and set up access. Sign up takes approximately 15 minutes.