Personal Trainer- Tate Abraham

Personal Training with Tate

Achieve a Healthier, Pain-Free Lifestyle with an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer!


Feeling overwhelmed by the gym? Whether you're just starting out or have been advised to put health first, take advantage of my expertise as an ACE-certified personal trainer specializing in pain-free movement and nutrition fundamentals.

What You'll Gain:

Professional Expertise: With over four years of industry experience, I provide tailored one-on-one coaching that focuses on safe, effective, and pain-free exercise.

Nutrition Guidance: Understand the essentials of nutrition to complement your fitness regimen, enhancing overall health and performance.

Confident Technique: Learn to use gym equipment safely and master exercises with a focus on long-term injury prevention.

Personalized Fitness Plan: Receive a customized plan optimized for your needs, ensuring your time at the gym is efficient and impactful.

Skill Development: Develop a deep understanding of safety cues and techniques for a sustainable, pain-free fitness journey.


Offer Details:

Cost (plus GST and membership of choice):

Single Session: $60 per session

Six Sessions Package: $54 per session

Twelve Sessions Package: $51 per session

Sixteen Sessions Package: $48 per session

Embark on your transformation with confidence. By opting for a package, you'll not only save money but also commit to a structured plan that maximizes results. Each session is designed to make you feel more knowledgeable about pain-free practices and nutritional basics, equipping you to continue your fitness journey independently.


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Quick BIO

Tate Abraham

Born and raised in Carstairs, I feel a deep bond with this community and its residents. I'm committed to helping you reach your fitness goals and will strive to be a dynamic presence in every session. I look forward to launching my classes and providing an array of other options throughout the day. My enthusiasm for health and fitness is strong, and I'm eager to pass that on to everyone here.