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Firstly, welcome to Uptown Gym’s website! This PAGE of the website is dedicated to Jessica’s Fitness- you do not need a gym membership for this page and heck you don’t even have to be local! Whoever you are, where-ever you are, Thanks for stopping by! I gotta tell you, I love fitness and the results you achieve physically, but most of all mentally. Committing to a fitness program can be life changing for your physical body AND your LIFE! What you do for your health carries over into all other aspects of your life. You will feel more confident, have increased energy and will be able to tackle those probs that pop up in life that you just can’t control. You know what you CAN control though?! What you’re doing for your HEALTH TODAY!

Maybe you need a program to do at home or want to start out at home before coming to the gym (gym membership is separate and not required) OR maybe you would like some affordable guidance once you’re in the gym.. Here is a great place to start or advance your program! You can choose a program that requires NO equipment, minimal equipment or more equipment depending on what’s available to you. There is plenty of variety, from strength, cardio, dance, MMA style, pregnancy, yoga, meditation and more AND tons of trainers depending on your personality type you prefer from funny, serious, tough, athletic, male, female. Ooo and how about length of time you want to commit!? From 3 weeks to 90 day programs, 10 minutes per day to an hour or more. The options are limitless.. and for a crazy low price! I’m talking as low as $9/month for access to alllllll the fitness programs, nutrition plans AND lifetime access to my online fitness group where you will receive motivation, accountability, tips, tricks, recipes and meet like-minded friends.. all in the same boat as you! Looking to make a change or add to their existing program!  Sounds great right!?

I highly suggest you reach out to me to get all the details and so I can chat about your goals and time commitment and suggest the best program and route, but hey if you wanna just dive in you can take a look yourself! Even still, shoot me an email once you’ve completed your purchase! Say ‘hello, I committed!!’ Keep reading to find this total solution, or as I like to call it, ‘Netflix’ of fitness streamed anywhere, anytime and Don’t forget that you get lifetime access to online coaching (if you want it!) with this if you click and purchase from the below link :) You can select 3 month, 6 month or year. I highly recommend the annual for the best value! OR keep reading below for even better value with amazing nutrition products. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Amazing! click HERE (streaming only, see below links for supplements add on/best value)

What’s that? You want some supplements too!? Great! BEST VALUE to get the supplements in a ‘Challenge Pack’ (one month supply of supplement + the ‘Netflix’ of fitness streamed to you. I have only included the one year streaming option here as it is the best value, but you can also pack a 3 month or 6 month. Contact me for link!

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You can snoop around and check out all products HERE