Covid Crap May 9/21

I have got to be honest here, this has been a very difficult decision this time around. I also have to be honest in saying I do not agree with these restrictions any longer. That being said, I will continue to adhere to government guidelines and regret to inform you the gym will be closed as of tonight, Sunday May 9 at 10pm. They have stated it will be a three week closure (take that with a grain of salt, as the last "3 week closures" have turned out to be 3 months). As soon as permitted the gym will open again, I will send out a reactivation email at that time. Your current membership will be placed on 'freeze' and any remaining time you have will be reactivated once we can reopen. I will send out emails with your new expiry once I know when we can reopen.
I'm so sorry. I love that Uptown Gym provides a place for people to work on their health, both mentally and physically and I feel so angered and bitter that this is happening, AGAIN, and for what? I just cannot risk the hefty $100,000 + fine, imprisonment, retraction of grants, subsidies and licenses to make a stand that likely will not stand anyways. It's been pretty big threats and I'm pretty over it. 
If anyone is interested, I am running an online group for gym members where you will get workouts, nutrition and accountability for your at home workout. You can do the workout with no equipment, any time of day convenient to you. I would love it if we could do the same workout together (at your own home, any time of day). Just follow along the streamed trainer-led 30 minutes. This is a seperate cost to your gym membership (for as low as $9/month) and can be used in the gym once we can reopen. All kinds of workouts streamed anywhere, anytime. The one I would like to do together is no equipment since a lot of people do not have any equipment at home, however there are workouts to follow that utilize dumbells, pull up bars, bands, you choose based on what you've got. Please let me know if this interests you. It would be a great way to stay in touch with gym members and to meet new ones! AND to stay accountable to being active and strong. 
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Active, Take your Vit C
Jessica Schielke
Uptown Gym Owner

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