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The gym is re-opening June 20, 2020 with a few changes due to government guidelines for relaunch from Covid-19. Please refer to the email I sent yesterday! 

An important change to note is with the new guidelines, the gym is required to be staffed at all times to ensure compliance. NEW HOURS will be 5am-10pm, 7 days a week to start, and as we continue, I will gauge demand. You will need to schedule an appointment for your gym time in hour blocks by visiting (Once in the link please either select ‘Schedule a Gym Appointment ’ for members, you must already be a member, or ‘New Member sign up Appointment’ if you are a new member looking to sign up.)

Please only arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time and allow for only one person in the entry way at a time. Hopefully this is temporary as we get through the threat of this pandemic and we can return to 24/7. (Please note that special arrangements can be made if these hours do not fit your schedule, contact me via email for enquiries.)

EVERY time you attend the gym for your scheduled block of time you will need to fill out a quick health screening checklist found here Please save this link as you will be using it often! This will be verified by staff at your arrival. It is preferred you do the checklist on your own device before coming to the gym each day. As a last resort, there is a paper copy at the gym for you if you are unable to fill out the form online prior to your visit.  

Upon your first visit back to the gym there will be a quick re-orientation to the gym with the new rules and procedures. Please expect this when you come your first time back and be patient with us!

If the time you want is not on the schedule that means it is full. You can contact me via email if you have questions or concerns. 

This is new for all of us, so please let me know if you have any trouble with scheduling so that I can get it corrected. It is best if you register an account to ease scheduling, cancelling and multi booking. 


See you all soon,


Jessica Schielke 

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