Covid-19 Gym Closure Announcement

This afternoon, March 17, we heard from Premiere Jason Kenney who has declared a state of emergency in Alberta. Of the prohibited gatherings, fitness centers are included. As of March 17, Uptown Gym is closed until further notice. Those with memberships will be put on ‘freeze’ until reopening. At that time, whatever time you had left on your membership will be reactivated.

My heart hurts for those who have already lost from this pandemic, For those that are going to be lost and for those that use the gym to get away from the realities of every day life, I’m sorry I can’t keep providing that for you.

Like many other small business owners in Carstairs, across the province and the country, I had great plans for my business, many of which were about to unfold. These plans and dreams go on hold while we wait over the next days, weeks, months to see how this unfolds.

I have appreciated your support at the gym and look forward to continued support in the future upon re-opening. Thankyou Uptown members and citizens of Carstairs and surrounding area. Stay Healthy and safe out there. 🖤

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