Covid Update June 12

Hi friends!
As I am sure you are aware Alberta has moved gyms from stage 3 to stage 2 and has moved stage 2 a week earlier then first predicted, now set to launch this Friday June 12. This date is when businesses are given the ‘green light to start up again’ from Alberta government officials. Every sector has guidelines laid out that they must follow. The announcement and release of these guidelines was on Tuesday June 9. As you can imagine there is a lot of planning and organizing that must be done to adhere to Alberta guidelines, and ensure everyone’s safety during these strange times. The virus is still very much a danger that we all need to be aware, be cautious about, and follow rules set in place by health authorities!
I am excited as you to get things rolling again, but to do it right will take some time. I am hustling I promise! The way Uptown Gym used to operate, and might I add pretty slick and efficient, will not suffice for these new times we enter into. There will be changes, a ‘new normal’ as they say. I hope these changes will only be temporary as Covid numbers decrease, and I hope we can return back to our old normal (or close to it) at some point soon. For this to happen, businesses MUST follow guidelines set forth and the community must keep taking the steps to protect yourself and others from Covid by practicing good hygiene, social distancing and monitoring for symptoms.
Please keep watching on the Facebook page, the website and current members will receive emails for a re-opening date and details. ~Jessica

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